Dual Exploreum exhibits celebrate rock ‘n’ roll


Rock ‘n’ roll is one of America’s most beloved cultural institutions. For decades, many have immersed themselves in both the sights and sounds associated with this genre. Beginning Sept. 24, The Gulf Coast Exploreum & Science Center will establish the Azalea City as the rock ‘n’ roll capital of Alabama, as the local epicenter of interactive learning hosts two rocking exhibitions. The National Guitar Museum is bringing “Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World” to Mobile. Continue Reading →

BP settlement a ‘victory’ for bad government


We got screwed. There’s really no other way to say it. The travesty of a BP settlement that was passed off as a “big victory” for the state by the Luv Guv last week is as cynical a political move as any we’re likely to ever see. Less than a fifth of the $640 million legislators were wrangling over last week actually ended up being designated for the two coastal counties actually directly affected by the 200 million gallons of oil that spilled into the Gulf after the Deepwater Horizon exploded. And that money will go straight into roads and bridges — something that hardly will have a long-lasting or transformative effect. Continue Reading →

Only (New York) trash litters

hidden agenda

Hell hath no fury like a woman who keeps getting the Press-Register’s sack of ads (aka “Gulf Coast Life: The Source of Entertainment, Shopping and Life on the Gulf Coast and Beyond”) thrown in her driveway every Tuesday morning, even though she has ONCE AGAIN taken time out of her day to call their stupid number, only to be placed on hold forever and then FINALLY told by someone who sounds like they are in some call center in a land far, far away that it would be discontinued immediately. She would even receive an email confirmation of this, she was told. But of course she never did. And of course she once again received this “source of entertainment, shopping, life AND LITTER” the very next week. And this was after this woman’s husband, who was finishing up an early morning run and saw the toss in action, was also able to personally tell the delivery person that the driveway of the home she was throwing said sack of trash into was ALREADY on the “DO NOT DELIVER” list and to please not do it again. Continue Reading →

Consider a gay marriage constitutional amendment

You can be for same-sex marriage or against it. You can say we all have an equal right under the law to marry whomever we please regardless of gender, or that government should not intrude on thousands of years of tradition. That’s why we debate these issues in our constitutional republic. But it might be time to go beyond the merits of the issue itself and put it before the American people. Last year, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled by a 5-4 margin in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Continue Reading →

Break out the ticker tape?

Break out the ticker tape! That’s the latest suggestion for Mobile and Baldwin counties from Montgomery’s politicians, and I don’t exactly disagree. Last week, just days after the epic failure in legislative leadership that brought down the lottery bill, the Alabama Legislature managed to pass a bill providing for the allocation of about $640 million in BP settlement money, $120 million of which will go to funding road projects here on the Gulf Coast. That’s a success all on the coast can celebrate … and one politicians from the rest of the state will bemoan. The difference in rhetoric is stark. Continue Reading →

Thomas receives $1M for birth center

Thomas Hospital’s birth center campaign received its largest donation to date in the amount of $1,004,000 from the Fairhope Single Tax Corp. “Baldwin County is tied for the eighth fastest growing county in the United States and we want to be well prepared for the growing number of births,” Ormand Thompson, president of Thomas Hospital, said. “In addition, families deserve a comfortable place to deliver their babies. An expanded birth center will ensure Thomas Hospital continues this level of care.”

The new birth center is projected to expand Thomas Hospital’s floor plan by nearly 29,000 square feet and increase its current capacity by more than 40 percent. According to insiders, this larger space is critical when looking at population projections for Baldwin County. Continue Reading →

Cortlandt’s Pub promising, but be patient

(Photo | Daniel Anderson/Lagniappe) Wood-fired pizza, soups and salads are featured at Cortlandt’s Pub in Spring Hill.

There is nothing like a neighborhood pub. That is exactly what this town needs more of, the good ol’ neighborhood pub for every reasonable section of Midtown. We need more places that are within walking distance from our homes where the bartenders know our names and we can order “the usual.” We need a smart-aleck waitress with a heart of gold who can get us to tip 40 percent. It’s what I have longed for because the bars in my neighborhood don’t serve food. Well, not the ones in safe walking distance, anyway. Continue Reading →

Haint Blue Brewing Co. taking over former Crystal Ice House

(Photo | Facebook) color used to paint the ceilings of southern porches, is expected to open its brewery and taphouse off Canal Street by Mardi Gras.

Mobile needs another brewery like we need another parking space, so many of you will be excited to hear Haint Blue Brewing Co. is coming to the former Crystal Ice House building at 800 Monroe St. Hopes are that the new suds house will be open by Mardi Gras, which would be perfect for those who like to catch the parade on Canal and south of Government Street. This 7,000-square-foot, monster space will include a taproom. Owner Keith Sherrill, originally from the Montgomery suburb of Millbrook, chose the name from the light blue color that many paint the ceilings of Southern porches to ward off evil spirits, or haints. Continue Reading →